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IR-GIS ® is an Innovative Realtime Geographic Information System supplying high performance, multi-thread, highly scalable real-time layers with persistence and recall provided by the IR-GIS ® Historical Pullback Server, and
with IR-GIS ® MapView a 2 Dimensional Situation Awareness Display with maps sourced from OGC compatible servers. IR-GIS ® MapView and IR-GIS ® Historical Pullback Server (HPS) are two products that work in concert, with MapView operating largely independently for scaleability.

Usage scenarios

Deliberately designed to scale:


Position based information display.

Ideal for processing small to very large scale vehicle tracking messages, such as:

Event based information display.

Allows events to be represented in real time, such as the input from a network of sensors. This allows applications such as:

Control and Monitoring.

In addition to event monitoring, two way communications allow the system to get the status of remote equipment on demand, and to send commands to the remote equipment. For example:

Data Capture and Analysis

A high performance archiving server has been developed as part of the system. All incoming traffic can be stored for later analysis. Search tools can provide time, location and feature based searches with fast response times. This can provide, for example:


Rich capability:

Technical Background

Technical details are available in the Product Sheet

Performance specifications

Rendering Times (draw, ATC, TRACKS) are recorded in milli-seconds, memory utilisation in bytes, frequency in Feature Position Reports per second. The red line is the total number of reporting positions displayed - with aging turned on, and X-axis is the time in fractions of day, and draw is the total drawing time to render all the real-time layers. Note the layers are Rendered in parallel.

Recent performance improvements in version 1.0.4.

IR-GIS ® processes and archives input messages in real-time, both for display and historical archive and pull-back. We support the same speeds for archive and display - the design goal is 1200 Reports per second with an average of 96 bytes per real-time message.

Semantically equivalent forms of messages are employed for archive and dispay, and our messages attributes are characterised into:

and represent quite compact formats that are user extensible. Any additional attributes supplied in the input message stream are automatically available in the viewer, and automatically presentable in the infoTool, without the need to code any changes.

Example map layout - with aircraft tracks.

Why would you use the IR-GIS ® product suite?

  • IR-GIS ® HPS provides large-scale long-term data retention.
  • IR-GIS ® MapView provides large-scale display of many platforms.
  • IR-GIS ® is a matured product that has been operational since 2010 providing Situational Awareness Displays with persistence where Historical Searches and retrievals are displayed from the MapView client on the maps in the areas of interest.
  • IR-GIS ® persistence format is compact and long term, user extensiblem and partitioned on time for easy archive or disposal.
  • IR-GIS ® indexes and the proprietary search engine are highly concurrent making vast searches possible.
  • We will be progressively including more features in the product suite over time. We also believe that our system is the only GIS product capable of handling our real-time target throughputs.

    Although the product line is general, it is also configurable, and can be tailored to each customer's mission - if and when desired.

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    IR-GIS ® is composed of plugins designed to operate with the Open Source udig product developed by netrefractions
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